A fabulous 4-course seasonal menu, with a cocktail on arrival and extra little bits and bobs!

It is BYOB! And bookings only!

Join the table for a gastronomic adventure full of surprises! You can always look forward to seasonal British products revealing unexpected flavours and their combinations. We created a dining experience, focused on the food of course, but equally on the atmosphere, the social aspect of sharing an evening between dinner guests, and it has been amazing so far!

Group of friends? Couple? Or on your own? There is fun for everyone!

We are two passionate professionals on a journey to set up our own restaurant! Every Fabulous 698B event is a step forward, Creativity and Ambition drive the adventure.

We left our jobs (head-chef & Restaurant manager) in high end establishment to open a restaurant, this is a long (and expansive) process! So we decided to start small, at home!

It is not always easy for people to understand the concept, “What? What do you mean? A mini restaurant? For the evening? In your living-room?” Yes indeed!

Over the past year we have evolve from 12 guests at home to various amazing venues where we host up to 35 guests. Our plan is to secure a permanent venue in 6/8 months.

The path is exciting and challenging, a life learning adventure, we know what we want and where we want to go!

We look forward to you joining the table to embark on an adventure of great food and dining experiences!